Kanye West, Yeezy Sued by Ex-Employee for Breach of Contract

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Kanye West Sued By Former Yeezy Staffer, Over $275K Breach of Contract

3/31/2023 6:46 AM PT

Kanye West and his Yeezy brand now have to contend with a lawsuit from a former employee, who claims the megastar rapper/designer owes her a cool $275K.

According to court docs obtained by TMZ Hip Hop ... Dora Szilagyi was hired to be Yeezy's "Director of Product Innovation" in June 2021, but only after Kanye convinced her to quit her role at Adidas and work for him full-time.

Dora claims she was promised a $275,000 severance payment if she was fired without cause after September 1, 2021 -- but she claims it was never paid to her when she was let go in mid-December 2021.

In the suit, Dora says she doesn't believe Kanye or his company ever intended to follow through on the severance package, and only dangled it to lure her from Adidas.

The $275K is a drop in the bucket when you consider what else Ye is going through with his broken business marriage with Adidas which reportedly cost the German shoe giant more than a billion dollars.