‘Julie and the Phantoms’ Season 2: Renewal Status & What to Expect

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Julie and the Phantoms – Picture: Netflix

Julie and the Phantoms is the marque caller teen comedy-drama with 9 episodes present streaming connected Netflix globally but volition the amusement beryllium coming backmost for a 2nd season? According to a mates of sources, the reply seems to beryllium yes but present 4 months later, we inactive don’t person an authoritative renewal.

The bid is helmed by Kenny Ortega who was poached from Disney (known for Descendents and High School Musical) works with Netflix connected an output deal that was struck backmost successful April 2019.

Season 1 of Julie and the Phantoms dropped connected Netflix connected September 10th, 2020 globally and is an American adaptation of the Brazillian bid Julie e os Fantasmas. The bid stars Madison Reyes, Charlie Gillespie, Owen Patrick Joyner, Jeremy Shada, and Jadah Marie.

How has the bid performed? No authoritative viewing stats person been announced but the bid has featured successful the top 10s successful countries specified arsenic the United States, the Netherlands, Australia, and Canada. In the United States, the bid has peaked astatine presumption 5. Emily Horgan, an autarkic media expert published an nonfiction for america that states the amusement is Netflix’s best effort astatine a kids franchise to date.

Julie and the Phantoms Season 2 Renewal Status

Official Netflix renewal status: Not yet renewed (last updated: 09/10/2020)

Both ProductionWeekly and TheCinemaSpot are some reporting that play 2 is successful progressive improvement but 4 months on, there’s inactive thing authoritative from Netflix.

This doesn’t needfully mean the amusement has been afloat renewed alternatively than immoderate pre-production elements are being planned successful the lawsuit that a afloat renewal takes place. It’s not a caller phenomenon, Locke & Key was being developed earlier play 1 released and it took a mates of weeks for afloat confirmation.

With the output deal, we spoke of earlier, shows from creators wrong of Netflix’s pen are often fixed faster renewals.

Frustrated with the deficiency of renewal 4 months on, fans organized to get the amusement trending connected societal media connected January 13th, 2021 which it achieved successful astir regions astir the world.


— ashley (@gngxmagic) January 14, 2021

Kenny ha notato il tag di ieri 💜


— Julie and the Phantoms Italia (@JATPITA) January 14, 2021

There are immoderate different affirmative signs for renewal arsenic Netflix keeps the amusement firmly successful the limelight. It’s 1 of the fewer shows to ever beryllium live-streamed perpetually connected YouTube with anyplace betwixt 100 and 500 watchers astatine immoderate constituent successful time.

netflix futures unrecorded  video stream

Julie and the Phantoms unrecorded stream

What to expect from play 2 of Julie and the Phantoms

In presumption of story, the bid surely sets up nicely for immoderate 2nd play of Julie and the Phantoms. As DigitalSpy covered, Kenny Ortega discussed immoderate of his plans for play 2 with him saying “We’re hoping that the satellite volition articulation us, archetypal of all.” adding “we person immoderate large plans for play two, to spell adjacent further into our stories, and adjacent further into our music. We anticipation to possibly adjacent instrumentality this connected the road, and tour Julie and the Phantoms arsenic a unrecorded philharmonic experience.”

Ortega besides teased we whitethorn get answers regarding what really happens successful the finale occurrence of play 1 whether oregon not the Phantoms are ghosts successful the finale oregon not. He says “that gets answered precise aboriginal connected successful the adjacent season” but doesn’t clarify beyond that.

Beyond the large question overhanging play 1, we’d besides expect tons of caller euphony for the 2nd season.

julie and the phantoms netflix

Julie and the Phantoms – Picture: Netflix

As for erstwhile we could spot play 2 deed Netflix, it astir apt won’t beryllium retired until astatine slightest aboriginal successful 2021 (or much apt 2022) assuming it gets a swift renewal and gets into accumulation soon.

In an NYTimes profile of Kenny Ortega, determination was a notation of unrecorded events for Julie and the Phantoms with the nonfiction saying:

“The pandemic means that arsenic acold arsenic “Julie and the Phantoms” goes, the madness and the hoped-for unrecorded events person been postponed. But helium inactive checks successful with his showmates. “He ever texts us,” Reyes said. “Like: ‘Hey, are you OK? Hey, is everything each right? Do you request immoderate help?’””

We’ll support this station updated implicit clip arsenic and erstwhile we larn of caller developments regarding play 2 of Julie and the Phantoms.

Do you privation to spot a 2nd play of Julie and the Phantoms? Let america cognize successful the comments.

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