Joe Root talks about dress room culture and racism at Yorkshire

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AYorkshire player, Joe Root talks about dress room culture and racism at Yorkshire is news of the day. Read out the details down below with us!

Recently, Joe Root confessed that he can not think about any racism at Yorkshire. He stated that this is something that he can not stand by.  Also, he furthered how the Pakistan-born player, Azeem Rafiq’s allegations against high-profile people damaged the game in england.

“Also, I stand by what I said,” said the Yorkshire player. “I don’t recall those incidences and, you know, if they are oversights on my part then that’s an area which we all have to learn from and I have to learn from.

Joe Root talks about dress room culture and racism at Yorkshire

“I think about things that have happened since then. There have been other things that have happened on a cricket field where I feel like I have stepped in and called things out and I think that comes from growth and learning and understanding and education.” “Clearly that is a phrase which you should never be using in any part of society.”

“We always knew that this next phase was going to be the most crucial part, in terms of doing everything we can collectively — getting tight, getting clear and using this as best as we can to ready ourselves, and that’s going to be the real test for us,” he said.

“We’ve done a lot of brilliant planning in the last couple of years, about mentally how we can be ready, and what’s going to work on different surfaces and different grounds and having a really good idea of how we’re going to break down their team.”

“I know exactly what it’s like to be on the wrong side of these series out here and it’s the dream as an England player to play in Australia and win, that is the dream, that is the cherry on top if you like and we feel we’ve got a brilliant opportunity ahead of us.”

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