Jeff Bezos has criticized the US president and administration. The White House responded

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Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos, who ranks second in the ranking of the richest people on the planet, accused the US administration of misunderstanding the market.

He made this statement after President Joe Biden called on gas station owners to lower gasoline prices. The White House in response criticized the billionaire for supporting the desire of corporations to cash in on the Americans.

Inflation is too big an issue for the White House to continue to make such statements. This is either outright delusion or a deep misunderstanding of the underlying dynamics of the market.

Jeff Bezos

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre responded to Bezos on her official Twitter page. She noted that the price of oil has fallen by almost $15 in a month, but gas station prices have hardly declined. According to the spokesman, this is not “underlying market dynamics” but “a market that is failing American consumers.” to reap record profits at the expense of the American people is how our economy should work.”

Previously, Joey Biden made this statement: “My message to gas station operators and gas station price fixers is simple: In this time of war and global peril, lower the price you charge at a gas station to reflect the value you pay for the product. And do it now.”

Formerly Elon Musk criticized Joe Biden and the US federal government for inflation.

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