“It’s a myth that Toyota doesn’t break down.” Which cars will easily survive the lack of spare parts in the Russian market

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“It is worth buying spare parts in advance while they are available,” the auto expert is sure that the situation will not improve

Auto expert Anton Shaparin, in an interview with Sputnik radio, said that some categories of cars will easily survive the lack of spare parts on the Russian market, and also called the most reliable cars.

In addition to rising prices for new cars, Russian motorists are also faced with a shortage of spare parts, which have also noticeably increased in price since the beginning of the year. However, there are cars in the country that are not afraid of a shortage of spare parts.

Modern cars have a program of gradual obsolescence, that is, each part has its own resource. Now you can not talk about the reliability of German marks. It’s a myth that Toyota doesn’t break down. Only the most simple, advanced and not very technologically advanced cars do not break down, where there is simply nothing to break.

Anton Shaparin

He said that the shortage of spare parts on the market will easily survive the old American cars. The car of South Korean and Chinese brands is also not in danger, spare parts for them are still available and there is no danger of a shortage.

The most reliable cars I’ve come across are old American cars. Very often, the old “Americans” are simple technologies, simple engines and simple gearboxes. But we are only talking about frame cars with V8 engines of the 2000s and earlier. Ford and Chevrolet of those years withstand insane loads. The easiest way in the current situation will be to serve the simplest Korean cars, Renault cars and Chinese cars. There are a lot of Chinese parts for them. They are available, they are brought to Russia, so servicing such cars is often easy.

Anton Shaparin

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