Israel’s El-Al is the only civilian airline whose aircraft are equipped with a missile defense system. How does it work?

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Hacker Immanuel Debir told interesting details about the aircraft of the Israeli company El-Al. The data, although not a secret, is not known to everyone. For example, El-Al is the only commercial airline whose aircraft are equipped with a missile defense system. “No doubt, a useful feature these days”— wrote Immanuel Debir.

El-AL began installing missile defenses on its commercial aircraft in 2004. In its original form, it was a complex of a radar system that determined the approach of a rocket, and pyrotechnic devices that generated a large amount of heat during combustion. They are also called heat traps. Such traps made it possible to deceive the missiles, to take them away from the aircraft. The El-Al ships, on which this system was installed, flew over the territories of Africa, the Middle East and India hostile to Israel. The radar system consisted of four antennas – one in front, two on the sides and one behind, which provided a “view” of 360 degrees.

However, not all officials in Israeli civil aviation were enthusiastic about such a protection system, as it was potentially quite a fire hazard. Therefore, engineers came up with a new complex that does without heat traps. It’s called C-Music.

The system is placed on the skin of the aircraft below (it is a kind of capsule about 2.5 meters long) and uses lasers that concentrate on the missile’s guidance system and disable it, causing it to deviate from the target. C-Music is fully automated, immediately after the detection of a potential threat, the pilot is informed. It has been adapted for a large number of commercial aircraft including the Boeing 737, 747 and 777.

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