Inter Bank Rates in Pakistan

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May 18th, 2022


The foreign currency exchange can be done through inter-bank and in the open market. The inter bank currency rates in Pakistan are maintained by State Bank of Pakistan and National Bank of Pakistan and some other government banks. You can watch latest interbank currency Prices in Pakistan for all big currencies and they can get latest Pakistan interbank currency prices and these currencies rates are maintained by Pakistani banks. The currency rates are provided in USD to PKR, AUD to PKR, SAR to PKR, CAD to PKR, EUR to PKR, DKK to PKR, SEK to PKR, GBP to PKR, KRW to PKR, HKD to PKR and others. When you visit the currency exchange companies, you can ask the buying rates of the foreign currency, which are updated daily and the customers can find the currency exchange rates in Pakistan of that day and they will be informed about NOK to PKR, MYR to PKR, JPY to PKR, NZD to PKR, QAR to PKR, KWD to PKR, AED to PKR, SGD to PKR, CHF to PKR and THB to PKR. The customers can get latest information of their Pakistan interbank currency rates, which are updated daily as there is fluctuation in the currency prices in the global market.

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