How to recover your encroached KDA plot in Karachi

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The encroachment of onshore has been a large contented successful Karachi. Many residents person been robbed of their beingness savings by the mafias that illegally inhabit nationalist and backstage properties successful the city.

But present is simply a elemental process done which radical can reach the Karachi Development Authority for the betterment of their plots.

The KDA’s Estate & Enforcement Cell deals with the encroachment of KDA lands. People tin registry their complaints with the KDA E&E office by pursuing these elemental steps:

  • They volition person to sojourn KDA E&E director’s office connected the 3rd level of the Civic Center gathering on with each documents. The KDA is lone liable for retrieving plots earlier the allottees get their possession. After being handed implicit the possession, the work lies with the allottees
  • Attach a written ailment on with documents describing details of the plot’s determination and its allocation
  • The KDA E&E manager volition verify the documents from the KDA Land Department and contented orders to remove encroachments. The process takes 15 to 20 days
  • After issuance of the encroachment removal order, a KDA squad sets a day for the anti-encroachment drive
  • The KDA squad informs the country constabulary before reaching the spot to wide encroachments

For transportation and mutation of properties, radical tin visit the KDA Land Department. It’s besides located connected the 3rd level of the Civic Centre building.

The KDA precocious appointed Khalid Zafar Hashmi its Land Management director. An serviceman of Grade-19, Hashmi was serving astatine the KDA Estate & Enforcement Cell. He replaced Atta Abbas who was precocious sentenced to 7 years successful situation successful the Lines Area Re-settlement Project crippled scam case.

Arshad Abbas, different Grade-19 officer, has been posted as the KDA E&E director. Abbas replaced Zahoor Marri, who had been on deputation.

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