Goodbye Leica! Huawei XMAG will make a breakthrough in mobile photography

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On July 2, Huawei officially announced the creation of the Huawei XMAG imaging technology brand. He Gang, COO of Huawei Terminal BG, said that the new camera phones will receive the exclusive Huawei XMAG logo.

After Huawei ended its collaboration with Leica, everyone was curious about what direction Huawei would take next. “We have once again improved and summarized all the accumulations, practices and creativity in the past, and formed a completely new brand,” said a Huawei spokesperson, adding that Huawei XMAG will make a breakthrough in mobile photography.

Huawei says ditching Leica doesn’t mean that Huawei smartphones will lose their status as top-notch camera phones. Details on this will be revealed later.

In February 2016, Huawei and Leica entered into a strategic partnership, and in the same year, the Huawei P9 series became the first Leica dual camera smartphone, which made a splash at the time.

In the process of cooperation, Huawei gained experience on the one hand, and on the other hand, helped Leica enter the field of image processing in the smartphone industry and carry out digital transformation.

Now the Leica logo will be present on Xiaomi smartphones.

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