George Santos Flattered by Dicaprio 'Catch Me If You Can' Comparison, Misses Point

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REP. GEORGE SANTOS Loves Comparison to Leo's Con Man Flick ... Misses Point by a Mile!!!

1/25/2023 10:13 AM PT

Rep. George Santos is truly (we think) flattered he reminds people of Leonardo DiCaprio's character from "Catch Me If You Can" -- but he's hung up on the Leo thing, and not the compulsive and convicted liar part!!!

File this hilarious clip under "Ya Missed the Point" -- but we got the embattled Congressman from New York Wednesday morning on Capitol Hill ... where our photog asked if he's seen the Leo and Tom Hanks movie about infamous con man, Frank Abganale.

Santos claims he hasn't seen the Steven Spielberg-directed film that had Leo portraying Frank conning his way through life -- pretending to be an airline pilot, doctor, teacher and prosecutor.

Perhaps not shockingly, Santos tells us he's "flattered" to be compared to Leo ... but totally ignores the real reason people are making the parallel. Y'know, the lies on lies on lies part!!!

The Congressman did latch on to one other thing besides Leo's looks, saying he wishes he had the actor's bank account. Of course, there's a good chance he's already told someone that he does!



In the movie, Leo's character is caught in the end ... and Santos has already been caught in more than a few lies. Besides his fib-packed resume, he recently admitted he DID have a drag alter ego in his youth in Brazil ... after initially denying it.

As for a movie about his lie-filled path to Congress -- doesn't sound like he's down to sell the rights. Someone should tell Georgie it doesn't work that way -- if nothing else, he's a walking Lifetime flick waiting to happen!!!

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