Former KP spokesperson Ajmal Wazir cleared of corruption charges

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Ajmal Wazir, a erstwhile spokesperson of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government, has been cleared of corruption charges.

An audio signaling of Wazir and the proprietor of an advertizing bureau regarding committee for a woody had surfaced successful June 2020. It had led to his removal from the post.

The audio signaling was presented to Prime Minister Imran Khan aft which helium had ordered a high-level enquiry committee to analyse the matter.

However, the committee could not corroborate the veracity of the audio tape. It could besides not found Wazir's nexus with the audio clip either.

"My innocence has been proven today," Wazir told SAMAA TV Saturday. "I person succeeded today."

He said the audio signaling was a conspiracy against him, yet helium presented himself for accountability successful enactment with PM Khan's vision.

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