August 5, 2022 | 4:47pm

Former CNN anchor Felicia Taylor has been arrested successful Palm Beach implicit an alleged hit-and-run.

The retired anchor-correspondent who worked for CNN International’s “World Business Today was arrested connected July 28 aft she allegedly deed different car portion driving her achromatic Mercedes, causing wounded to the different driver, past leaving the scene, Palm Beach Police said. She denies the charges.

According to the incidental report, Taylor, 57, struck the rear bumper of a achromatic Ford, driven by a 24-year-old man, which was stopped successful postulation up of her Mercedes.

“His conveyance was struck from down by the achromatic Mercedes. The interaction caused [him] to onslaught the steering wheel, causing aggregate complaints of injuries,” the study states.

However, pursuing the impact, Taylor’s Mercedes was seen “fleeing the country of the mishap without rendering assistance oregon stopping to supply information,” the study adds.

The constabulary  mugshot of Felicia Taylor.Former CNN anchor Felicia Taylor’s mugshot aft she was arrested for an alleged deed and run.Palm Beach Sheriff's Office

Taylor, who is good known connected the New York City, Hamptons and Palm Beach societal scenes, was past seen doubly driving past the country of the clang successful her car, which had “sustained dense beforehand extremity damage” without stopping, the study said.

She was past pulled implicit by a constabulary serviceman who stated, “Taylor acknowledged being progressive successful a postulation clang and the different operator was ‘OK.’

“Taylor continued to authorities that she wanted to spell backmost to her location . . . and the mishap was ‘not a large deal.'”

She told the constabulary serviceman she was traveling from The Colony Hotel, “and erstwhile confronted that the Colony Hotel was closed, Taylor didn’t person a response.”

She denied being connected medicine drugs oregon having imbibed immoderate alcohol, and the constabulary serviceman added that helium did not odor intoxicant connected her.

A glamourous-looking Felicia Taylor, successful  a achromatic  outfit, attends a 2016 gala successful  New York City.Taylor is good known connected the New York and Palm Beach societal circuits.Getty Images

The different operator was treated astatine the country by EMTs and complained of jaw, head, cervix and backmost pain. Taylor was evaluated doubly by EMTs and was recovered to beryllium unhurt.

The constabulary serviceman added, “Prior to the crash, Taylor stated she was astatine a edifice connected Worth Avenue and past stated she was astatine a edifice successful the Royal Poinciana Plaza. We were incapable to find a edifice that recalls Taylor arsenic a guest.”

Taylor besides “wanted the injuries of the different operator to beryllium substantiated” and stated “the harm to her conveyance is her problem, its ‘hard to beryllium a bully person’ and she didn’t halt astatine the mishap country due to the fact that she didn’t cognize determination was thing to beryllium acrophobic with,” the study besides states.

Felicia Taylor and her dog.According to the incidental report, Taylor struck the rear bumper of a achromatic Ford, driven by a 24-year-old man.Getty Images for ASPCA

Taylor was arrested and taken to Palm Beach County Jail, wherever she was charged with careless driving and leaving the country of an mishap involving injury. She was released connected $3,000 bail and has entered a not blameworthy plea.

Her Mercedes was hauled distant by police, who recovered a vessel of achromatic vino that was 3 quarters full, positive a metallic thermos besides 3 quarters afloat “of an chartless alcoholic beverage.” Both the vino vessel and thermos were wedged down the rider spot “and retired of the scope of the driver.”

Taylor, who was besides the co-host of Retirement Living TV’s “Daily Cafe” until 2009 and worked for WNBC-TV from 1998 to 2006, was previously arrested successful 2015 for portion driving.

She was busted with a blood-alcohol level much than 3 times the ineligible bounds aft side-swiping different car successful the Hamptons, constabulary said.

Felicia Taylor's is seen with her blonde hairsbreadth  tied backmost  successful  the constabulary  mugshot from her 2015 DWI apprehension  successful  the Hamptons.Felicia Taylor’s constabulary mugshot from her 2015 DWI apprehension successful the Hamptons.

Taylor was reportedly truthful drunk aft the late-afternoon mishap connected Sept. 4 connected Main Street successful Sag Harbor that she was taken to Southampton Hospital “for aesculapian evaluation,” according to police. She was charged with aggravated DWI.

Taylor didn’t instrumentality Page Six’s calls for comment. Her lawyer David Roth was travelling and could not instantly beryllium reached.