Family-Musical ‘A Week Away’ Coming to Netflix in March 2021

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family philharmonic  a week distant  coming to netflix successful  march 2021

A Week Away is coming to Netflix successful March 2021

Netflix has unveiled 1 of its astir upbeat Originals of the twelvemonth with household philharmonic A Week Away. Coming to Netflix astatine the extremity of March 2021, we person everything you request to cognize astir A Week Away, including, the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix merchandise date.

A Week Away is an upcoming Netflix Original Christian-Musical directed by Roman White and written by Alan Powell, Gabe Vasquez, and Kali Bailey. The Original is simply a feature-length debut for manager Roman White, whose vocation has predominately been spent directing euphony videos for popular stars specified arsenic Carrie Underwood, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift.

At the clip of penning A Week Away is scheduled to beryllium the 30th Netflix Original movie released successful 2021.

When is the A Week Away Netflix merchandise date?

It has been confirmed that A Week Away volition beryllium coming to Netflix globally connected Friday, 26th March 2021.

The Original was scheduled to beryllium released successful 2020, but acknowledgment to the planetary pandemic the merchandise day was pushed back.

What is the runtime?

According to the movie’s authoritative IMDb page, A Week Away has a runtime of 90 minutes.

family philharmonic  a week distant  coming to netflix successful  march 2021 poster

Official Neflix poster for A Week Away

What is the crippled of A Week Away?

Troubled teen Will Hawkins has a run-in with the constabulary and lands himself successful trouble. His beingness is present astatine a crossroad, does helium be a juvenile detention center, oregon be a Christian summertime camp? Choosing the latter, Will finds himself wholly retired of place, but erstwhile helium meets Avery, his bosom begins to unfastened up.

Who are the formed members of A Week Away?

Practically each of the formed of A Week Away has been announced, but the names of immoderate roles are yet to beryllium revealed:

Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Will Hawkins Kevin G. Quinn Bunk’d | Hubie Halloween | A Christmas Love Story
Avery Bailee Madison Brothers | Bridge to Terabithia | Just Go With It
Avery’s Dad David Koechner Anchorman | Anchorman 2 | Get Smart
TBA Sherri Shepherd 30 Rock | Precious | One for the Money
Mark Ed Amatrudo Nashville | Hillbilly Elegy | The Right Stuff
TBA Kat Conner Sterling The Gifted | 9-1-1 | Choice
TBA Iain Tucker The Order | Insatiable
TBA Jahbril Cook *Debuting successful A Week Away*

Who wrote the euphony for A Week Away?

None of the songs featured successful A Week Away is archetypal euphony made for the feature. Instead, prime songs person been selected from the euphony of For King & Country, Amy Grant, and Michael W. Smith, and reimagined for A Week Away.

When and wherever was A Week Away filmed?

Principal photography took spot mode earlier the planetary pandemic would person forced delays. All of the filming took spot successful Nashville, Tennesse, and was carried retired betwixt the 15th of September and the 12th of October, 2019.

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