Facebook monetisation issue to be resolved soon in Pakistan: official

4 days ago 8

The contented of monetising contented connected Facebook volition soon beryllium resolved successful Pakistan, PM’s focal idiosyncratic connected integer media Dr Arsalan Khalid said Tuesday.

Pakistan presently has 40 cardinal Facebook subscribers, according to Statista figures. It ranks 11th successful the satellite successful presumption of Facebook users.

India ranks archetypal connected the list, followed by the US, Indonesia and Brazil. At present, determination are 38 countries presently successful the satellite where Facebook monetisation is on, but Pakistan is not 1 of them.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly precocious adopted a resolution in this regard. It demanded the national authorities speech to Facebook management regarding monetisation of contented truthful that the younker successful the state could earn through the societal media giant.

“The national authorities has been successful negotiations with Facebook implicit monetisation for implicit a twelvemonth now,” Dr Khalid told SAMAA Digital. “Things are adjacent to travel to a solution.”

The authoritative said the societal media behemoth has some reservations astir the societal media rules successful the country.

The authorities maintains that similar each different countries, social media indispensable person immoderate rules and regulations particularly successful cases like blasphemy, kid pornography, cyber harassment and willful effort to create chaos endagering the lives of people.

“Hopefully discussions with Facebook volition bring result soon,” Dr Khalid said.

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