Ethereum and Cardano fell 10%, while Solana fell 14%. Results of the week in the cryptocurrency market

2 months ago 35

If Bitcoin and Ethereum for a long time repeated each other’s charts with enviable accuracy, then this week Ethereum went into the lead – it fell more than Bitcoin. So, if the main cryptocurrency of the world loses about 3% in a week, then Ethereum loses all 11%. Logically, investors would have to buy Ethereum in anticipation of the imminent transition to the Proof-of-Stake algorithmhowever, in the context of the current inflation, it’s not up to it: cryptocurrencies are too risky an asset.

Over the week, Cardano fell in the top 10 by the same 11%, and Solana lost the most – minus 14%. Dogecoin and BNB are down moderately by more than 4 percent.

And although most cryptocurrencies in the top 10 are still in the red zone (if we evaluate the dynamics of price changes per day), the entire crypto market as a whole even added a little – capitalization increased by 0.45% to $1.21 trillion.

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