August 10, 2022 | 8:18pm

Another day, different nine opening for New York Mayor Eric Adams.

We perceive the party-loving pol — whose favourite haunt is the celebrity-friendly, members-only hotspot Zero Bond — attended the opening of the swanky caller Aman New York successful the Crown Building.

A root tells america “he arrived precocious and stayed late.”

This, by the way, connected the time the New York Times ran a page-one communicative with the headline, “Anxious New Yorkers Worry Whether Eric Adams Is the Man for the Moment” (and adjacent they, with their trademark razzle-dazzle noted, that he’s a “noticeable beingness connected the city’s nightlife scene.”)

A rep for Adams had “nothing to add,” erstwhile asked for comment. A rep for the Aman told us, “As discretion and privateness is 1 of the hallmarks of the Aman brand, we bash not corroborate the names of our guests.”

Page Six antecedently reported that founding members doled retired $100,000 to beryllium portion of the exclusive “Aman Club.” It offers upgrades, generous check-in and check-out times, on-demand spa treatments and entree to the backstage nine space, according to a presumption and pricing expanse seen exclusively by Page Six.

Aman NYThe caller edifice and residence offers a plot terrace, spa amenities and backstage club. aman/Instagram

The spot besides offers backstage residences with the penthouse selling for $74 million

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, the Kardashians, Angelina Jolie, David Beckham, George and Amal Clooney, Tom Hanks and members of assorted royal families are fans of Aman, which has implicit 30 properties successful 20 countries.

Adams has been each implicit astatine the city’s ritziest, A-list events and venues, eating with Naomi Campbell, aggregate Grammy-winner Jon Batiste astatine Zero Bond, partying with rapper French Montana to celebrate his caller album, hanging retired with Jennifer Lopez during the Tribeca Festival and hitting the opening of Avra successful midtown. On a sojourn to Los Angeles, helium adjacent hung with Paris Hilton and pals.

While Adams’ nightly activities — which besides see partying astatine a bash with Cara Delevingne — person near a sour sensation successful immoderate voters’ mouths, others deliberation he’s encouraging radical to get out.

Eric AdamsAdams has earned himself the estimation arsenic the “Nightlife Mayor.”Getty Images

“He’s amazing! We can’t get celebrities to spell retired these days. They’re each frightened of Instagram, truthful it’s astonishing we’ve got the mayor! We don’t request Leo [DiCaprio] anymore,” 1 nightlife guru, who asked to stay anonymous, previously told Page Six.

Adams rep antecedently told america that successful summation to backstage clubs and swank events, the Mayor besides spends “time successful Queens and the Bronx and Brooklyn, arsenic good arsenic smaller vicinity places that are coming backmost to beingness now.”