ECP ‘finalises’ code of conduct for elections

1 week ago 9

The Election Commission of Pakistan has finalised the Code of Conduct for political parties for the general elections 2024?

The Election Commission has drafted a code of conduct in consultation with political parties in connection with the general election.

The suggestions of the political parties have also been included in the Code of Conduct draft. According to sources, political parties will not speak out against the sovereignty

of Pakistan during the election campaign. The political parties will also avoid ridiculing the ECP during their election campaign. Political parties and candidates will avoid gifts, greed, or bribery to other candidates to withdraw in their favour and will ensure the protection of the election staff and polling agents.

According to the draft, political parties will also ensure the implementation of 5% of women’s quota in the general elections.?Political parties and candidates will strongly refrain from encouraging violence on polling day, and showing weapons during the election campaign will be completely banned.

Aerial shootings and firecrackers will also be banned in the public gatherings.

According to the Code of Conduct, the election agent must be a voter of the relevant constituency, and the National Assembly candidates will be able to spend up to Rs10 million in the election campaign while ? Provincial Assembly candidates will not be able to spend more than 4 million rupees during their election campaign.