Dubai: Emirati artist Afra Al Daheri's work showcased at ‘Concepts and The Divine Abstract’ exhibition in DIFC

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'Absent Yet Present' 'Absent Yet Present' Image Credit: Supplied

Emirati creator Afra Al Daheri, whose enactment is portion of The Farjam Foundation’s latest grounds that runs until today, is often inspired by her upbringing present successful the UAE. It sometimes besides features successful her artworks. Take, for instance, the portion ‘Absent Yet Present’, which is showing astatine the ‘Concepts and The Divine Abstract’ accumulation successful DIFC during Art Week. It is portion doorway from her childhood, portion abstract concept.

She says: “It was 1 of the pieces that took the longest successful my workplace due to the fact that I had collected the portion of the doorway piece... from my family’s location successful Al Ain.”

Al Daheri’s creation is portion of a radical amusement that includes works by Abdul Qader Al Rais, Hassan Sharif, Hussain Sharif, Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim, Mohammed Kazem, Abdul Rahim Salim, Sheikha Alyazia Bint Nahyan Al Nahyan, Sheikha al Mazrou, Farah Al Qasimi, Lamya Gargash, Meira Huraiz, Afra Al Dhaheri, Hashel Al Lamki, and Musab Al Rais.

In 2016, Al Daheri visited her household location successful Al Ain wherever a doorway was being replaced due to the fact that portion it had been a portion of an nether operation house, by the clip the location was made habitable, the doorway had go excessively old. “why I felt like, ‘oh my God, this portion has spent its years installed connected the location but was ne'er used. Now it’s categorised arsenic aged and ne'er volition beryllium utilized again.’ And past I truly knew I wanted to implicit the door. I didn’t cognize however it would acceptable successful the discourse of my work, but I wanted to implicit it to go this upside down door. Because the conception of clip does not marque sense,” she explains.

“This past twelvemonth erstwhile I was moving connected my solo amusement and I had developed this thought of ‘Split Ends’ and developed this thought of taste constructs and ideologies that borderline the boundaries wrong the corporate knowing of society. For example, I cognize the rules of civilization – what is simply a bash and what is simply a don’t – but it’s not written anywhere. These are boundaries that we can’t transverse but they are not written anywhere. So I was moving wrong these ideas of however societies task these boundaries that beryllium and don’t exist, and truthful this doorway benignant of manifested successful this amusement due to the fact that it conscionable made sense. There’s a door, there’s a lock, there’s a grip – truthful there’s the thought of not being capable to unfastened oregon transverse connected your own. However, the doorway does not exit, it is lone the conception of the doorway and the frame.”

Afra Al Dhaheri Afra Al Dhaheri, Thoughts connected Fabric, 120 x 90 cm. Image Credit: Supplied

Al Daheri goes connected to speech astir her different enactment that is besides showcased successful ‘Concepts and The Divine Abstract’, which meshes cloth and cement.

“When I was exploring concrete, applying layers of cement onto fabric, I realized it develops a precise absorbing texture. It sits connected the cloth but it doesn’t spell done it. It doesn’t instrumentality implicit the fabric, it finds a benignant of harmony to co-exist. And successful further investigations I realised that cloth really it’s woven and truthful successful its weave it presents the strength. And past it besides acts arsenic an adhesive to bring the cloth together. What I was trying to amusement was that cement arsenic brustalistic and robust arsenic it is really conscionable arsenic susceptible arsenic the fabric. Unless it’s reinforced. And it needs to beryllium reinforced with materials specified arsenic fibres and cloth becomes reinforcement for it successful this scenario, but what truly excited maine was they coexisted,” she says.

A amusement astatine the extremity of a twelvemonth of question restrictions is worthy mulling about. Al Daheri reflects that this twelvemonth was similar a gift. “What I achieved from this twelvemonth is clip – clip to think, to reflect, to enactment connected my practice. Time that I felt I was granted wherever I was not perpetually running,” she says.

And that’s thing she says to her contemporaries arsenic well. To beryllium successful, to beryllium an artist, 1 needs to support astatine it – support making. She repeats: “Keep making.”

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