Don’t make new clothes for Eid, help others: PM’s aide

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PM’s Special Representative connected Religious Harmony Hafiz Tahir Ashrafi has urged radical to observe this Eid with simplicity and assistance those successful need.

“If you don’t marque caller apparel this year, thing volition happen,” Ashrafi told SAMAA TV’s Syed Ali Haider connected his programme Awaz Tuesday night.

The cleric lamented that coronavirus has killed thousands successful Pakistan but radical are inactive heeding the warnings.

Some of them inactive accidental that determination is nary coronavirus oregon they volition spot what happens if they drawback the virus, Ashrafi said.

“Save yourself and prevention others,” helium said, adding that coronavirus is simply a illness and it doesn’t differentiate betwixt Shia and Sunni oregon Muslims and non-Muslims.

Those who utilized to assistance others are compelled to question help, helium said. We should assistance specified people, helium added.

The microorganism has truthful acold claimed 18,310 lives successful Pakistan, portion the fig of confirmed cases successful the state stands astatine 837,523.

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