Doja Cat’s fashion appearance reminds netizens of Chhota Pandit: See hilarious meme fest

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American rapper Doja Cat turned up at the Schiaparelli show in Paris, wearing red body paint and 30,000 crystals.

Doja Cat spiced things up earlier this week as the pop star showed up at the Hate Couture Show of Schiaparelli, wearing an eye-catching, all-red look from top to toe, titled Doja’s inferno.

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The custom fit, designed by the creative director of the fashion house, Daniel Roseberry, was brought to reality by her team and celebrity makeup artist Dame Pat McGrath, who spent over five hours to finish painting the rapper’s body red and applying over 30,000 Swarovski crystals, by hand, to compliment her matching bustier and tulip skirt set.

While the look was in accordance with the theme of the show to open the biannual Paris Haute Couture Week, Twitter users had their say by comparing the unusual getup to several done and dusted characters, and we bet, it would be impossible to unsee it.

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Have a look at what the social users had to say about this look of the pop star.

Is she auditioning for the next Hellraiser movie?

— Robert Earnshaw (@earnshaw2023) January 24, 2023

#DojaCat taking inspiration from Chota Pandit 😆

— Pranay Sawardekar (@pranay030) January 24, 2023

Doja cat at the Paris fashion week 🔴

— Pranav Sapra (@pranavsapra) January 24, 2023

Ok but Chhote Pandit did it much before Doja Cat 🤌

— SwatKat💃 (@swatic12) January 24, 2023

I knew I recognized that look somewhere

— wes10 (@WestonHanlon) January 24, 2023

she’s in her Vision era

— Liorenski (@veniceputo) January 23, 2023

She looks so good but it’s gonna take her 10 year to get that glitter out of her ears

— Sasha (@sashablooms) January 23, 2023

I mean I’m a lady gaga fan l’ve seen TOO MUCH but this one is still disturbing to me

— Mona (@RealMona_) January 23, 2023


— Randious Bravolys, The Sixth (@RandyHBravo) January 23, 2023

I appreciate Doja Cat being unapologetically committed to serving a look

— linda (@itgirlenergy) January 23, 2023

straight outta star wars

— gabe (@schizgoid) January 23, 2023

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