Crypto Supporters think NFT Cars are worth more than Real Ones

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Assume you need to spend millions of dollars. If you like cars, you’ll probably buy the newest Ferrari, or a 1956 Aston Martin, or a Martin. But would you spend a fortune on a vehicle you can’t physically drive?

Although it may appear absurd, Vanarama’s study demonstrates that customers are willing to venture deep into their finances to purchase car-related NFTs. This implies they possess the digital depiction of the automobile (which anybody can view and download), but they don’t have access to it.

According to research, buyers are prepared to pay more for the NFT version than for the actual cars.

Here are four crazy instances.

Nissan GT-R
A 3D depiction of a Nissan GT-R sports vehicle was auctioned off for more than $2.3 million in September. That’s 10 times the value of his $200,000 automobile.


Exploding Lamborghini Video
A new Lamborghini Huracan will set you back approximately $200,000. That’s still less than the ridiculous $250,000 the video was broken up for.

The artist behind it, who goes under the alias Shl0ms, stated at the time that his work was a protest against “cryptoculture” rather than a commercial venture.

NFT Lamborghini

DeLorean DMC-12
Back to the Future fans may buy a “time travel” DeLorean for as little as $50,000. The NFT version, on the other hand, costs $183,000.


Karman Logo
Surprisingly, this is the most costly automobile NFT, with a current valuation of $8.56245 billion. Instead, he paid $6.9 million for an authentic Aston Martin DB5, one of his most popular historic automobiles, and still has money to spare.


If you haven’t already been stunned, here’s a complete list of the most (unjustifiably) expensive car-related NFTs.

NFT Car rates

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