Conor McGregor's KO Against Dustin Poirier Mimicked By 5-Year-Old Brice Gonzalez

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Conor McGregor Earlier K.O. Against Dustin Poirier Mimicked by 5-Year-Old Brice

1/23/2021 9:28 AM PT

Conor McGregor is getting ready to enter the UFC Octagon in what promises to be one of the biggest fights ever ... and he could draw some inspiration from this kid, who clearly drew inspiration from Conor.

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Brice Gonzalez is amazing. The 5-year-old, with the help of his dad Randy, mimicked Conor after an earlier, 1st round K.O. against Dustin Poirier. The kid's attitude is spot on, and he's exceptional at memorizing his lines.

Randy has created a hugely successful comedy show with his son, which gets millions of views on social media. Randy, who served time in prison, was having a hard time finding a job. Then he came up with the idea of a comedy show, and it exploded.

Randy and Brice have gained a bunch of celeb followers, including Kevin Hart and Snoop.

As you know, Conor is squaring off Saturday night with Dustin Poirier. Brice and Randy were mimicking their earlier fight, where Conor knocked Dustin out in the first round. Their rematch tonight will be epic!!!

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