Closing Arguments in Depp vs. Heard, Watch the Live Stream

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Depp vs. Heard Closing Arguments in Trial ... Watch the Live Stream

5/27/2022 6:02 AM PT


6:32 AM PT -- Johnny's lawyer, Camille Vasquez, came out of the gate swinging, saying when Amber Heard went to an L.A. courthouse in 2016, filed a claim of abuse and ruined his life. Vasquez also says the mark on her face that was apparent as she left the courthouse, captured by photogs, was fake ... appearing 6 days after she last saw Johnny. She said there is an abuser in the courtroom, but it's not Johnny -- it's Amber.


Vasquez went on ... Amber was desperate for attention and suffered from a personality disorder laced with anger.  She said it was Amber who emotionally and physically abused Johnny.

The trial of Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard is in its final stages with closing arguments set for today, and the jury will then begin the Herculean task of trying to figure out who's telling the truth and who's lying.


Johnny's lawyers will try to connect various dots as they wrap their case, telling the jury Amber was on a smear campaign rooted in revenge to paint their client as a wife beater. They will almost certainly use the poop in their marital bed to argue revenge was Amber's motivation, and she was not a victim at all.

Amber's lawyers will paint a picture of a man who regularly explodes into violence, essentially saying Johnny's persona is violent ... they will argue even when he was not physically assaulting Amber, his temper was explosive, and they'll use video and texts to make their point.

As for the defamation claims ... both Johnny and Amber are public figures, and therefore there must be proof of actual malice in order for either to win.

There's an enormous amount on the line here ... beyond the court case, the verdict could determine who has a career and who does not going forward.


Although most people on the outside have taken sides, it's possible the jury could conclude both Amber and Johnny were so unhinged, it's impossible to sort out who was the aggressor and the verdict could go against Johnny on his defamation suit and Amber on her countersuit.

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