Chromium-based browsers do not work well on PCs with Alder Lake processors. Intel came up with several solutions

1 month ago 21

Some PCs built on 12th generation Intel Core Alder Lake processors have started to experience problems with browsers based on the Chromium engine. As it turned out, Edge and Chrome browsers “slow down” on these systems.

According to users, scrolling in browsers is intermittent and delayed by 1-2 seconds. The corporation has already recognized the problem and offered several solutions at once. The cause of the failure, Intel called problems with the drivers for the integrated graphics UHD Graphics 770.

The company advised updating browsers to the latest version, installing the latest builds of Intel graphics drivers, and disabling hardware acceleration in the web browsers themselves, because it uses the power of the video card to reduce the load on the central processor.

Another option is to use an SSD as a system disk, since it is to it that a large number of requests go, which is why the browser starts to “slow down”.

Apparently, the problem only occurs on systems with Alder Lake processors, and only on those that use only integrated graphics. The appearance of a ready-made solution in the form of an updated driver has not yet been reported.

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