Christina Aguilera on her next two albums and supporting Britney Spears

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Christina Aguilera appeared connected July 16 and 17 with Gustavo Dudamel and the Los Angeles Philharmonic astatine the Hollywood Bowl. In the 2 concerts, the 40-year-old belter — who broke retired alongside Britney Spears during the precocious 1990s teen-pop roar and has since explored R&B, Latin music, amusement tunes and boogie-woogie — promised an acquisition for which “my imaginativeness is conscionable moving wild.”

The high-toned gig marked a stark opposition with Spears’ ongoing ineligible conflict implicit her arguable conservatorship, which Aguilera powerfully condemned successful a caller viral Twitter thread. On the telephone from her location successful Los Angeles up of the concerts, the vocalist spoke astir her shows, a brace of upcoming albums and — astatine slightest until her publicist chopped successful to accidental that Aguilera had thing further connected the taxable — her chap teen-pop survivor.

TAB Christina Aguilera 1-1626872612520 Christina Aguilera arrives astatine the Los Angeles premiere of "Mulan" astatine the Dolby Theatre connected Monday, Mar. 09, 2020. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP) Image Credit: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Are you into orchestral music?

I grew up astir it. My mom’s a violinist and travelled overseas with an orchestra erstwhile she was 16. And I’m specified a instrumentality of scores — movies with beauteous orchestration, from the Marvel movies to Moonlight’. I searched for who did the people to that movie — it was Nick Britell — and I had him implicit to my location and was like, “I would emotion for you to constitute my medium intro [for 2018’s ‘Liberation’] due to the fact that I’m truthful successful emotion with what you did with that movie.” And gathering Gustavo — I mean, it was specified an honour. He does what I unrecorded for.

What are you singing astatine the Bowl?

I’ve ne'er enactment truthful overmuch effort and clip into a acceptable database — songs similar ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’ to ‘Fighter’ to immoderate beauteous screen classics similar [James Brown’s] ‘It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World’.

Are you reaching each the mode backmost to ‘Genie successful a Bottle’?

I am. There’s a reimagined mentation of ‘Genie’ that’s beauteous epic. There’s a Latin information of the amusement wherever I bring backmost immoderate of the songs from [2000’s] ‘Mi Reflejo’, and I’m reasoning of doing a reggaeton rotation connected ‘What a Girl Wants’. I’m approaching this much similar a theatre amusement than a concert; each opus volition person a antithetic mood, with a storytelling vibe. I emotion Tim Burton and Danny Elfman’s enactment together, truthful there’ll beryllium immoderate cool, dark, mysterious aspects to it arsenic well.

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What’s different of the classics you’re doing?

Etta James is my favourite vocalist — her passionateness and bosom and feel, and the mode she sang with specified raw, gut-felt emotion. Normally I bash ‘At Last’ with conscionable a soft and vocal, possibly drums and a guitar. But if you perceive to the archetypal record, it’s got that orchestra that starts with that slide. I’ve ne'er been capable to bash it that way, truthful to descend my teeth into that — I’m thrilled.

Are you excited to get backmost onstage aft the pandemic?

I’ve been reasoning astir this due to the fact that I’ve been successful the workplace moving connected 2 records. Sometimes successful the studio, definite notes are a conflict — you’re boxed into this confined booth — compared to erstwhile you’re with an assemblage and the unrecorded musicianship takes your adrenalin to the adjacent level. I’m like, “Wait, that enactment is overmuch easier to deed onstage.”

What are the 2 records?

An English grounds and a Spanish record. The past clip I did a Spanish grounds was erstwhile I was babe Christina — ‘Mi Reflejo’. It was specified a beauteous infinitesimal for maine to wage tribute to my roots connected my father’s broadside — he’s from Ecuador — and ever since I’ve been wanting to bash different one. So it’s truly 20 years overdue, but present I’m benignant of gladsome it was truthful agelong due to the fact that I’ve been capable to travel backmost and excavation deeper into immoderate of my idiosyncratic stories regarding my dad. I’ve ever had a precise estranged narration with him, and I’m benignant of touching connected that.

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And the different album?

Totally antithetic feel. I’m moving with producers and writers that I’ve been a large instrumentality of for a agelong time. One successful peculiar is Joseph Angel — helium wrote ‘Love connected the Brain’ for Rihanna. But each the writers travel from specified a deep, heartfelt place. It’s not astir america trying to acceptable a mould; it’s a grown position that embodies everything I’ve experienced successful this concern and connected a idiosyncratic level. I made a batch of changes implicit quarantine — caller people, caller enactment team. The acquisition helped you realise who your ride-or-dies are. I’m successful a truly blessed place, and I’ve ne'er been capable to afloat accidental that.

Your tweet astir Britney Spears included an aged photograph of the 2 of you. When was that taken?

It was from our days successful the Mickey Mouse Club. We were 11 oregon 12, babies successful the concern together, which is truthful astonishing to travel afloat ellipse — to some beryllium capable to person the occurrence that we’ve had. It was a beauteous happening to look backmost astatine those pictures; there’s specified a glow successful our eyes. It was a large acquisition to have, not lone with the 2 of america but each the kids — Justin [Timberlake] and Ryan Gosling and each of america came up unneurotic connected that show. What a casting director. But sprout — we’ve been moving since we were small kids. We each merit immoderate happiness. I’ll ever beryllium supportive of Britney.

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