Chilling footage shows seven-year-old girl playing in the back of a shop moments before she is crushed by a 90kg tyre

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On Mar 5, 2021 Last updated Mar 5, 2021

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A video of a seven-year-old girl moments before she was crushed by a 90-kg tyre has shown her playing happily as her father says he would not let up unless justice is served in the matter.

The incident occurred in Australia’s Queensland area where a nine-kilogram tyre fell on Lily Dorrough, 7, outside her father’s flooring business in August.

The tyre was leaning up against a shed on the common walkway with a neighbouring tenant at the industrial complex, according to Lily’s shattered dad Michael.

Chilling footage minutes before the tragedy shows the girl happily playing with her sister and friends inside her father’s workshop, running around and climbing over showroom fixtures.

She and a friend later pack up their things and head outside ready to go home before her frantic father sprints outside a few minutes later.

His panicked reaction came after he was alerted by the screams of Lily’s friends after the tyre fell on her. He was later seen carrying critically-injured Lily to his car to rush her to hospital, where she died a few hours later.

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Police and Workplace Health and Safety investigated the accident and later cleared neighbouring tenant Gavin Brown of any wrongdoing because it couldn’t be proven he was running a business from the complex.

‘My beautiful little girl is gone forever and nobody is accountable,’ Mr Dorrough told local media as he filed for a re-investigation into the matter, which has resulted in a similar outcome.



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