Children to face jail time for throwing parents out: new law

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The Lahore High Court has upheld a new law in a judgment that if children throw their parents out of the house they can face up to one year in jail.

But if the parents want, they can throw their children out. The children will have a week to leave or face a fine and one month in jail.

The Tahaffud-e-Walidain Ordinance or Protection of Parents Ordinance is a new law that provides parents these rights.

Justice Ali Baqir Najmi of the Lahore High Court was hearing a case in which a man challenged his father. The man named Ali Ikram told his father to leave the house. The court then ordered the authorities to take action. Ali Ikram challenged this in court. But the court, after hearing all arguments, ruled in favour of the father.

It said that whether the child is living in a house on rent or owns the house, they cannot throw their parents out. They can face one year in jail and a fine for doing this. The court told the deputy commissioner to have the ruling implemented.

Majid Chaudhry advocate of the high court explained on Naya Din that a presidential ordinance was urgently issued to make this law. The president has special powers to do this under Article 89 of the Constitution. And now the LHC has ruled under this new law.

“We’ve reached a point where the courts have to give parents justice,” he said. The LHC has even clarified that it doesn’t matter what the status of the property, the rule will apply.

Qibla Ayaz of the Council of Islamic Ideology said: “It is a strange thing that we are making old people’s homes now. That we are pushing our parents out of our homes. It is against the teachings of the Holy Quran.”

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