Celebrate soundtracks of Hollywood classics in Dubai

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If an orchestral acceptable portion from ‘Star Wars’ is your mobile ringtone, oregon possibly ‘The King’s Speech’ plays connected each clip you request a spot of motivation, past this nighttime of euphony astatine the Dubai Opera is cleanable for you.

NSO Symphony Orchestra, lasting  ovation-1610869276241 NSO Symphony Orchestra Image Credit: Supplied

The UAE-based NSO Symphony Orchestra is bringing an array of movie scores to beingness successful a ‘Music Movie Gala’ performance that volition beryllium staged connected February 20 astatine the Dubai Opera. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, conductor Andrew Berryman volition entice movie buffs with a solemnisation of memorable big-screen soundtracks.

With a matinee and evening performance, astatine 2pm and 8pm respectively, the Dubai Opera volition beryllium filled with the sounds of your favourite movies, including Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator, The Pink Panther, Apollo 13, The King’s Speech, and galore more.

Hamad Altaee-1569214253240 Hamad Altaee Image Credit: Supplied

Additionally, guests tin look guardant to a show from peculiar impermanent artist, Emirati pianist and composer Hamad Altaee. The renowned section instrumentalist volition execute of 1 of his pieces entitled Journey of Victory portion besides accompanied by NSO.

Mrs. Janet Hassouneh, Founder and Executive Director of NSO Symphony Orchestra, said successful a statement: “NSO is celebrating its 10th day of bringing fantastic classical and modern euphony works to audiences crossed the UAE, and what amended mode to showcase our musicians’ skills than performing astatine Dubai Opera.”

Tickets commencement astatine Dh195 and are disposable done the Dubai Opera website.

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