Case registered against organisers of ‘obscene’ Hunza dance party

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A lawsuit has been filed against the radical who organised a euphony and creation lawsuit successful Hunza’s Gojal for spreading obscenity.

The organisers were criticised aft videos and pictures of the lawsuit went viral.

A younker organisation had filed a ailment against the organisers astatine the Gulmit constabulary presumption connected June 16. The complainants said that the lawsuit was held successful Passu from June 12 to June 15. People from crossed the state attended it.

They said that tourists utilized drugs during the event, adding that immoderate women were seen successful “indecent” apparel and that is against the traditions of Hunza. The lawsuit organisers disrespected the civilization of the region.

A lawsuit has been registered against Farhan Bhatti and his friends nether conception 294 (obscene acts and songs) of the Pakistan Penal Code. Those convicted nether the instrumentality tin beryllium sentenced to jailhouse for a maximum of 1 twelvemonth and carries a good of Rs100,000.

Hunza bans euphony and civilization programmes

Following the arguable event, the territory medication has decided to prohibition each euphony and taste programmes successful Hunza.

The lawman commissioner said, successful a statement, that playing large euphony during the nighttime is becoming rather communal successful the region, and residents person raised concerns and filed complaints against it.

The videos that went viral from the lawsuit amusement that the organisers did not respect the area’s civilization and traditions. Strict enactment should beryllium taken against them.

A Hunza nonmigratory has, however, criticised the determination to prohibition each taste programmes. The medication does not cognize the quality betwixt graceful and indecent dance. They should instrumentality strict steps to halt cause trafficking alternatively than banning each sorts of programme.

Another idiosyncratic remarked that banning events won’t lick this problem. The authorities request to travel up with a due instrumentality for this.

Government’s stance

Gilgit-Baltistan Tourism Minister Raja Nasir Ali Khan said that the authorities wants to bring much tourists to the portion and beforehand its tourer industry.

We volition supply them each kinds of assistance but tourists indispensable respect the civilization and traditions of the region.

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