Canada work visa protector fee update in Pakistan December 2023

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LAHORE – All Pakistanis who intend to travel to Canada on work visa should get protector stamp on their passports in order avoid any inconvenience at the airport as it is checked by the officials of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

The visa protector provides several benefits to the visa holders, They can get complete legal protection and are entitled to full assistance from Pak-mission in the country of employment.

Legal assistance can be sought from Community Welfare Attache at Pakistan embassy in Canada. It also provides life insurance up to Rs1 million.

Process and Requirements

Applicants are required to visit the Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment where they will submit documents and deposit fee for the protector stamp. Following are the required documents:

Visa (as per procedure in the host country)

Valid Passport

Valid Computerized national Identity Card (photocopy is also acceptable)

Employment contract or agreement duly signed by the employer or an undertaking as approved by the Director General, Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment

Receipt of Registration Fee

Receipt of Welfare Fund

Emigration Promotion Fee

Certificate of insurance from State Life Insurance Corporation (original and a duplicate copy)

Each emigrant is required to deposit an amount of Rs2,500 as insurance premium to cover life risk for a sum of Rs1,000,000. Insurance coverage is valid for 5 years.

Further more, each applicant pays Rs2,000 in wake of OPF welfare fund (Overseas Pakistanis Foundation) fee, Rs2,500 as registration fee and Rs200 as OEC fee. The total cost for getting your work visa protected stands at Rs7,200.