Bushra Bibi stresses care for people with mental health issues

1 week ago 12

The First Lady Bushra Bibi has visited the Punjab Institute of Mental Health (PIMH) and inquired about the care available for the people admitted to the facility. She also handed out gifts to women and children being treated at the institute.

Bushra Bibi visited different sections of the health facility and asked the officials to extend as much care to the patients as possible. She said attention be paid to the rehabilitation of the drug addict and elderly people with illness.

A video shows burka-clad Bushra Bibi visiting various section for the institute as officials accompanying her brief about facilities.

She also went to the hospital’s kitchen and examined the hygiene and food quality.

The first lady is known for her social work. However, she has kept her aloof from the political affairs of the country.

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