Bradley Beal Allegedly Heckled By Fans During Game Before Tunnel Altercation

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Bradley Beal Fans Heckled Wizards Star Before Altercation ... Sources Say

3/31/2023 12:15 AM PT

The fans involved in the tunnel altercation with Bradley Beal allegedly heckled the Wizards' star hooper multiple times during the Magic game, leading to the hat-slapping incident, and possible battery charges against the D.C. shooting guard.

TMZ Sports broke the story ... 29-year-old Beal got into it with fans in Orlando last Tuesday after one of the men told Bradley he lost him $1,300 on a bet, before BB confronted the guys, knocked a baseball hat off one of their heads, and exchanged in some verbal back-and-forth.

But, we're told the less-than-pleasant conversation in the tunnel was not the first exchange between Bradley and the guys ... 'cause sources say the men, who were sitting courtside, made multiple disparaging comments during the game.

FYI, the Wizards ultimately lost to the Magic, 122-112.

The new information may provide more insight into Beal's reaction ... the NBA vet didn't hesitate at all in the tunnel, making a beeline straight for the fans.

Bradley was reacting to one of the fans who told him ... "You f**ked me $1,300, you f**k."

Beal, who's averaging more than 23 points a game for the Wizards, has not yet been officially charged, but police indicated there's enough "probable cause" to file charges with the State Attorney in Florida.

If ultimately charged and convicted, a simple battery charge in Florida carries up to 1 year in jail.

We reached out to a rep for Beal, but so far, no word back.