Bollywood: Kangana Ranaut moves Bombay High Court against Javed Akhtar’s defamation case

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TAB 200412  Kangana Ranaut-1586675607342 Actress Kangana Ranaut. Image Credit: IANS

Bollywood histrion Kangana Ranaut has reportedly moved the Bombay High Court to quash a defamation lawsuit initiated by the Magistrate Court astatine Andheri, Mumbai, based connected a ailment filed by seasoned lyricist Javed Akhtar.

The histrion has sought each the proceedings to beryllium acceptable aside.

TAB 190729 Javed Akhtar-1564384831522 Javed Akhtar. Image Credit: IANS

Akhtar filed a transgression defamation ailment connected November 3, 2020, against the actress. The ‘Queen’ star, portion speaking to an English quality channel, said that Bollywood was tally by a “mafia” and she named Akhtar arsenic 1 of the celebrities who was portion of the “mafia”.

Akhtar alleged that the video of the interrogation was watched by millions connected YouTube alone, thereby damaging his reputation.

In April 2021, a Mumbai sessions tribunal dismissed Ranaut’s exertion seeking suspension of each proceedings against her by the Andheri Magistrate tribunal successful the defamation case.

Earlier connected March 1, Andheri Metropolitan magistrate tribunal had issued a bailable warrant against Ranaut aft she failed to look earlier the tribunal contempt being summoned.

Ranaut’s lawyer, who was contiguous astatine the court, said that they privation to situation the summons successful a higher court.

Akhtar is simply a renowned Bollywood seasoned who has penned award-winning films specified arsenic ‘Sholay’ (1975) and ‘Shakti’ (1982) with Salman Khan’s begetter Salim Khan.

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