Bob Dylan's Original Lyrics for 'Desolation Row' Going Up for Sale

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Bob Dylan Lyrics Sheet For 'Desolation Row' ... Hitting Market for $425,000

11/26/2022 12:20 AM PT

There's a super rare piece of Bob Dylan history going up for sale ... the original lyrics to one of his most famous songs, "Desolation Row" ... and it's got a six-figure price tag.

Bob scribbled the poetic lyrics on a couple sheets of paper way back in 1965, and now the manuscript is hitting the open market for the first time ever. The parchment also has a few of Bob's edits.

The good folks over at Moments In Time are handling the sale ... and the asking price is a staggering $425,000 ... so ya gotta have some pretty deep pockets.

As Bob's fans know, "Desolation Row" is generally considered one of his top five songs of all time. The sprawling song features a ton of lyrics -- the track is over 11 minutes long -- with Bob flexing his skills as a poet with tons of literary imagery.

"Desolation Row" is the last track on Bob's famous 1965 album, "Highway 61 Revisited," which opens with his biggest hit, "Like a Rolling Stone."

We're told the seller is a man who has been friends with Bob since they were kids ... he was given the lyrics sheet over 20 years ago, and held onto them until deciding to sell. Smart guy!!!

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