Best motherboard for Intel Alder Lake processors cheap? MSI Prepares MAG B660M Mortar Max WiFi DDR4 with BCLK Bus Clock and PCIe 5.0 Support

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MSI is preparing a motherboard that could be a hit with DIY PC builders. The novelty will be called MAG B660M Mortar Max WiFi DDR4, and it will receive a number of features that are available in select models based on the Z690 chipset.

Firstly, the board will be equipped with an external clock generator Renesas RC26008, which allows you to change the frequency of the BCLK bus – such a motherboard will allow overclocking “non-overclockable” Intel Alder Lake processors. The second important feature is support for the PCIe 5.0 bus, which is not in the B660 chipset itself. Finally, the name indicates that the motherboard is designed for available DDR4 memory.

Thus, by purchasing a MAG B660M Mortar Max WiFi DDR4, equipping it with a conventional (not a K-series model) processor and cheap DDR4 memory, the user will be able to significantly overclock the processor and use the full speed of the PCIe 5 bus at a board price that is clearly lower than for models with similar capabilities based on the Intel Z690 chipset.

Alas, when the novelty will be released, it is not reported. The price of a regular MSI MAG B660M Mortar WiFi DDR4 in the US is $160, you can think that the price of the Max version will be around $200.

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