'Bachelor' Star Jubilee Cops Plea Deal in DUI Case, Gets Probation

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'Bachelor' Star Jubilee Cops Plea Deal in DUI Case ... 12 Mo. Probation

12/27/2021 12:20 AM PT

Jubilee Sharpe won't end up having a DUI blemish on her criminal record -- but she sure is being treated like someone who got convicted for it ... this as her case comes to an end.

The ex-'Bachelor' star pled guilty last week to 2 counts -- willfully refusing to sign and accept a summons or citation, and reckless driving causing injury to property or person. Her actual DUI charge was dropped by prosecutors in Palm Beach ... and only the reckless driving charge will show up on any future background check, per the State Attorney's Office.

As a result of her plea deal ... Jubilee's facing 12 months of probation. As part of the deal  -- according to court docs, obtained by TMZ -- she'll have to complete a DUI education course, attend a victim impact session, do 75 hours of community service ... and pay hundreds in fines.

Jubilee will also be without her car for over a week, and when she does get it back ... it'll have an ignition interlock device, to make sure she isn't boozing and driving.

As we reported ... Jubilee was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving 2 years ago after a cop found she'd crashed her car. He described her as looking smashed -- noting she failed all the field sobriety tests ... then refusing to blow for a breathalyzer.

All things considered, she's lucky she walked away from this the way she did.

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