AvtoVAZ assembled the last copies of Renault Sandero

2 months ago 30

Renault finally left Russia, and AvtoVAZ assembled the last copies of the Renault Sandero. According to the source, the last two Sanderos were sent to the shipment shop after completing and working out the defects. There are no more Renault vehicles in the production areas and in the lagoons, although a number are still waiting for shipment at the shipment site.

One of the last Renault Sanderos on the AvtoVAZ assembly line

As the source notes, the prospects for resuming the production of cars, despite the peppy assurances of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the governor of the Samara region, are vague: the production lines for parts and components for the production of Sandero will be mothballed for an indefinite period. Personnel from these lines will be offered a transfer to other industries and workshops, possibly with a change of profession.

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