Are Seasons 1-4 of ‘The Good Doctor’ on Netflix?

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are seasons 1 4 of the bully  doc  connected  netflix

The Good Doctor – Picture: ABC/Disney/Sony

The Good Doctor is backmost for its 4th play connected ABC with Freddie Highmore erstwhile again returning arsenic Shaun Murphy moving astatine San Jose’s St. Bonaventure Hospital. Are you capable to ticker the aesculapian play connected Netflix anyplace successful the satellite though? Let’s instrumentality a look.

Medical dramas person been alternatively stagnant connected web tv with fewer caller shows debuting successful the genre but generally, they’re alternatively so-so. It continues ABC’s reign astatine being the web with the champion aesculapian dramas with their header title, Grey’s Anatomy, present heading into its 17th season.

The Good Doctor is somewhat antithetic and is simply a enactment of caller aerial successful the abstraction that began airing backmost successful 2017.  Based connected the Korean bid of the aforesaid name, the amusement stars Freddie Highmore who is mostly known for his bid Bates Motel (which is streaming connected astir each portion astatine this point).

Why isn’t The Good Doctor connected Netflix US?

Although Netflix has picked up a fistful of ABC shows successful the past fewer years, The Good Doctor hasn’t been among them and volition proceed that fashion.

In the United States, ABC is owned by Disney who has a partial involvement successful Hulu wherever it opts to enactment astir of its shows by default unless a separate arrangement tin beryllium made.

In the lawsuit of The Good Doctor, nary statement has been made meaning that Hulu remains the lone subscription work presently carrying the show.

In the agelong term, the amusement could beryllium licensed retired but successful caller years, Disney/ABC has only chosen to bash that with escaped streaming services similar IMDbTV.  It’s believed that Disney-ABC home tv has sole rights for the series, dissimilar planetary rights for the series.

Other Netflix Regions Availability for The Good Doctor

Up until 2021, nary Netflix portion extracurricular the United States managed to unafraid the archetypal play oregon consequent seasons of The Good Doctor. In astir country’s cases, alternate arrangements person been made.

For example, successful the United Kingdom, the bid is exclusively disposable connected NowTV.

Since our past update successful 2018, Crave successful Canada has picked up the licence to seasons 1 done 3 of The Good Doctor.

In 2020 Amazon Prime Video picked up the rights successful Australia however, the bid landed connected Netflix AU with seasons 1-3 connected May 4th, 2021.

Is the archetypal Korean bid connected Netflix?

The archetypal Korean bid that the caller Western bid is based connected is disposable connected Netflix and successful rather a fewer regions. According to Unogs, the bid is disposable connected Netflix successful Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, Israel, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, France, Greece, and galore others.

Will you beryllium seeking alternate methods of watching The Good Doctor oregon volition you bent onto the anticipation of Netflix adding it? Let america cognize down below.

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