Android users beware! Hackers are using mobile data by turning off the phone’s Wifi

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In the time of advance technology, online frauds are increasing rapidly, and in the meantime there has been news of a virus, which is affecting Android users. Microsoft has alerted users to ‘toll fraud’ malware on Android, and said that the virus can destroy your mobile wallet by shutting down your Wi-Fi connection. According to a report by Microsoft’s 365 Defender research team, SMS fraud or call fraud uses a simple attack flow to send calls or messages to premium numbers, while toll fraud uses a complex multi-step attack flow, which involves malware. Developers are always improving.

According to the report, malware automatically subscribes to the premium service in the user’s phone. Let us tell you that this malware is spreading rapidly all over the world.

Giving examples, the research team said that we have seen new capabilities related to this threat, how this threat targets users of a single network operator. It completes its routine only when the device is subscribed to one of their target network operators.

Hackers are using mobile data
By default, it uses the cellular connection for any activity and it forces the device to connect to the mobile network even if there is a Wifi connection. Once the connection to the target network is confirmed, it secretly initiates a fraud subscription and confirms it without the consent of the users, in some cases even intercepting a one-time password (OTP) to do so. does.

Microsoft further explained that it then bypasses subscription-related SMS notifications so that users do not get any information about fraudulent transactions and cannot unsubscribe.

Another unique approach to toll fraud malware is its use of dynamic code loading, which makes it difficult for mobile security solutions to detect threats. The company has advised users that there is a dire need to keep the phone updated at all times and if possible, always avoid downloading the apps from anywhere.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : July 04, 2022, 09:55 IST

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