Alec Puro Breaks Down the Music of Netflix’s ‘The Crew’ and ‘Black Summer’

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The Crew & Black Summer – Pictures: Netflix

We managed to nab an exclusive interrogation with euphony composer, Alec Puro who talks astir his 2 projects with Netflix and his thought process into the TV bid (which couldn’t beryllium much antithetic from each other). Other credits of Puro’s includes The Fosters, The Art of Getting By, Wicked Tuna and The Mighty Ones.

Alec Puro serves arsenic the show’s composer for Netflix’s latest sitcom The Crew, creating the retro stone tunes that we perceive passim the series, highlighted astir during the catchy main rubric sequence. When Puro is not scoring the drama bid for Netflix, he’s being afloat encompassed successful the zombie apocalypse, Black Summer, which helium begins scoring agelong earlier the amusement is adjacent shot. To larn much astir the composing process for these two, precise antithetic shows, we spoke with Puro exclusively below.

WON: Andy Fickman is the manager of The Crew. Can you speech astir his main notes for however helium envisioned the people to sound?

Andy Fickman is specified a large director!  In TV though erstwhile it comes to music, I chiefly get my notes and originative absorption from the amusement runner/creators of the show.  In this lawsuit I worked with Jeff Lowell precise intimately to find the dependable of the amusement and refine it arsenic episodes began to lock. From the outset Jeff truly wanted to infuse a flimsy throwback oregon retro dependable into the taxable and people to compliment Kevin James’ quality who has been successful the racing crippled for years.  We extremity up with a driving seventies hard stone retro benignant dependable that not lone compliments Kevin’s character, but besides the NASCAR backdrop for the show.

WON: The Crew’s main rubric and extremity recognition series has a precise rock, dense guitar vibe. Is the extremity recognition series conscionable an extended mentation of the opening credits?

Once we landed connected the close consciousness and code for the main rubric theme, we decided to widen it into a longer portion that could play implicit the extremity credits to bookend each episode.

WON: The Crew is simply a 30-minute, multi-cam, drama series. With multi-cam shows, is determination a circumstantial look that composers are expected to follow? Opposed to a longer, fearfulness bid similar Black Summer.

I’m not definite determination is simply a circumstantial look erstwhile you people a multi-cam comedy, but usually the wide dependable of the amusement is derived from the main rubric theme.  In the lawsuit of The Crew, erstwhile we figured retired what the main rubric taxable was going to be, I was capable to make a ton of sub-themes based connected that dependable and consciousness for each the transitions and underscore successful the show.

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WON: The Crew has a batch of speedy philharmonic hits. Are each of these hits antithetic for each episode? How galore of these did you make for Season 1?

All of the people transitions are antithetic for each occurrence and for the astir portion don’t get re-used excessively often.  Sometimes if we are trying to telephone backmost a taxable from a antithetic occurrence 1 of them whitethorn beryllium re-used oregon reimagined.  I deliberation I created astir sixty oregon seventy antithetic modulation cues for play 1.

WON: The Crew is evidently a batch antithetic amusement past Black Summer. How antithetic was the pre-scoring process for these shows? What did you bash earlier opening enactment connected them?

For The Crew, we truly started by focusing successful connected the main rubric taxable and what the wide amusement dependable was going to be.  This process began months earlier the amusement started shooting.  We had tons of originative conversations and from those I wrote aggregate themes successful antithetic directions and feels until we figured retired what was going to enactment champion for the show.

With Black Summer I besides commencement penning months earlier they commencement shooting which is decidedly not the norm connected an hr show.  Usually connected hr shows you commencement scoring to representation erstwhile episodes are adjacent to locked and acceptable to go.  With Black Summer I’m fixed the originative state to truly experimentation with antithetic sounds and tones to find what volition enactment champion for that season.  We person an archetypal originative speech and past I instrumentality a mates months to experimentation and constitute astir 20 oregon truthful three-to-four-minute pieces.  When they commencement editing, those pieces acceptable the thematic code and gait for each episode.  From determination I statesman scoring to representation and composing different themes and cues arsenic we go.

WON: Can you speech astir however you got progressive with Black Summer? How would you picture the people for Black Summer?

John Hyams who created the amusement has been a person of excavation for years.  I person ever wanted to enactment with John and ne'er had the accidental until Black Summer.  John is specified a visionary and I’m truthful fortunate to person the accidental to enactment with him connected Black Summer!

The people for Black Summer creates a precise dark, atmospheric and physics dense soundscape.  With Black Summer I instrumentality a much minimalistic atmospheric/ambient attack which I consciousness truly helps heighten what’s happening connected screen. I enactment precise intimately with the dependable designers connected the amusement to make a seamless soundscape betwixt the people and dependable plan that doesn’t distract from what’s happening successful immoderate fixed country but enhances everything successful a realistic and terrifying way.

WON: Do you person a favourite philharmonic infinitesimal from Season 1 of Black Summer?

In the Diner occurrence for the “Weapons” section I truly enjoyed creating a elemental yet effectual cue that signified a large turning constituent for Rose (Jaime King) that changes her trajectory successful the series.  I besides truly similar however each extremity recognition series successful each occurrence played retired a antithetic 1 of my themes successful its entirety.

WON: How bash you deliberation your people volition beryllium antithetic successful Season 2, if astatine all?

Season 2 of Black Summer has a full caller acceptable of themes that bespeak the caller surroundings and characters wrong the show.  I americium besides gathering upon erstwhile themes from play 1 but

the dependable of the amusement has decidedly evolved and is adjacent much refined and targeted successful this caller season.

WON: Has determination been thing you work online astir Black Summer that has amazed you?

The biggest astonishment I work online erstwhile play 1 came retired was a twitter station from Stephen King praising the show.  He said, “BLACK SUMMER (Netflix): Just erstwhile you deliberation there’s nary much scare near successful zombies, THIS comes along. Existential hellhole successful the suburbs, stripped to the bone.”

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