Afroman Thinks Cops Stole Money During Police Raid

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Afroman I'm Missin' $400 in Cash After Raid ... Thinks Cops Swiped It

11/30/2022 1:13 PM PT

Afroman says he's hundreds of dollars short after cops returned the cash they seized during a raid of his home ... and he believes it's the cops who may have their hands on his missing dough.

Afroman joined us on "TMZ Live" Wednesday, telling us after he counted the returned money from the Adams County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio on Tuesday, he realized he was $400 short.

William Brooks

He believes either someone swiped the cash from the evidence lockup, or they took it from his pad during the raid. Either way, he tells us he's gearin' up for legal action.


As we reported, the rapper's home was raided back in August ... and he told us at the time they were in search of narcotics but came up empty-handed.

Afroman mentions a kidnapping charge against him regarding the raid -- and law enforcement tells TMZ someone called the cops in August, saying there was a person being held in his home against their will.

For their part, cops simply say the sheriff's office has called in state investigators to help look into Afroman's claims about the missing cash.

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