August 5, 2022 | 5:45pm

Anne Heche was progressive successful a fiery car clang connected Friday that has near her “severely burned” and “intubated” successful the hospital, TMZ reports.

The “Vanished” actress, 53, was reportedly driving her bluish Mini Cooper down a suburban thoroughfare successful Los Angeles astir noon erstwhile she crashed into the store of an flat complex.

anne heche car   clang  stretcher Heche was carried distant from the tract of the car clang connected a stretcher.Fox 11
anne heche car   crashThe actress’ burned backmost was disposable arsenic she sat up connected the stretcher. Fox 11

According to the outlet, bystanders tried to assistance Heche exit the vehicle, but she allegedly backed up and drove disconnected earlier crashing into different location wherever her car became “engulfed” successful flames.

It appears that Heche whitethorn person been nether the power of alcohol, arsenic vessel with a reddish headdress was seen successful the car’s cupful holder soon earlier the accident. However, the Los Angeles Police Department could not instantly beryllium reached.

anne heche car   crashA vessel was seen successful Heche’s cupful holder anterior to the crash. TMZ
anne heche mini cooper carHer bluish Mini Cooper deed a store earlier speeding distant and crashing again. TMZ

Aerial shots of video from the mishap obtained by Fox11 amusement fume billowing retired of the location successful which she crashed into.

Sources told TMZ that Heche is presently intubated successful the hospital, but “expected to live.”

Fire trucks astatine  Anne Heche's car   clang  site.Fire trucks were photographed rushing to enactment retired the flames.Fox 11

“Her information prevents doctors from performing immoderate tests to find if she was driving nether the power of alcohol,” the outlet besides reported.

Heche, known for her high-profile romance with Ellen DeGeneres in the ’90s, has spoken openly astir her erstwhile conflict with substance abuse.

anne heche car   burned successful  clang  Heche’s car was wholly charred successful the fiery crash. Fox 11

“I drank. I smoked. I did drugs. I had enactment with people. I did thing I could to get the shame retired of my life,” she told ABC News successful 2020, adding that her choices were a effect of her achy puerility that stemmed from being sexually abused by her father, Donald Heche.

anne heche car   accidentAerial views of car mishap scene.Fox 11

“I’m not crazy,” the “Six Days Seven Nights” prima besides said astatine the time. “But it’s a brainsick life. I was raised successful a brainsick household and it took 31 years to get the brainsick retired of me.”

Reps for Heche could not instantly beryllium reached.