Actor Riz Ahmed reveals he married novelist Fatima Farheen Mirza

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190701 Riz Ahmed Riz Ahmed Image Credit: AP

British histrion Riz Ahmed has amazed fans by revealing that’s a joined man.

The Emmy-winning prima has reportedly tied the knot with novelist Fatima Farheen Mirza during the lockdown.

The ‘Sound of Metal’ histrion archetypal fto the quality gaffe connected the January 11 occurrence of Louis Theroux’s ‘Grounded’ podcast, erstwhile helium said helium was staying enactment successful California since finishing a movie determination due to the fact that his “wife’s family” is from the Bay Area.

Theroux told Ahmed helium didn’t realise helium was joined and asked however agelong helium had been hitched.

“Not precise long, actually,” Ahmed responded. “It’s the archetypal clip I’ve ever mentioned it successful an interview. So, congratulations connected this incredibly breathtaking scoop.”

“I mean, I conjecture I don’t truly consciousness it’s mostly that relevant, truthful I don’t delve into my idiosyncratic beingness oregon my dating past oregon adjacent household beingness much,” the 38-year-old histrion added.

The ‘Rogue One’ prima aboriginal elaborated connected his nuptials portion speaking connected ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’.

“She’s an astonishing novelist. We met truthful randomly portion I was preparing for this role, for ‘Sound of Metal’ erstwhile I was successful New York,” helium said. “We some sat down astatine the aforesaid array successful the cafe wherever we some turned up to write. We were some jostling implicit the aforesaid laptop plug points, similar a precise modern mode of meeting.”

Ahmed said the wedding was a tiny 1 owed to the pandemic.

"We evidently kept it ace intimate and socially distanced, hardly anyone there,” Ahmed said. “We did it successful a backmost yard, which was bully successful tons of ways. And I deliberation the nicest happening astir it was you didn't person 500 aunties hanging astir you, pinching your cheeks."

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