A major step towards fog free Punjab: All brick kilns in Punjab shifted to environment-friendly Zig-Zag technology

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The Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has announced that 7,986 kilns have been converted to Zig-Zag technology across the province, which is all set to reduce the pollution from kilns by up to 60%.

پنجاب خصوصاً لاہور کےگردونواح میں اینٹوں کے بھٹوں سے پیدا ہونےوالی Air Pollution ایک بہت بڑا مسئلہ تھی اور سردیوں کے 4 ماہ کےلیے بھٹے بند کرنے پڑتےتھے

ہماری ٹیم کی کوششوں سےپنجاب کےتمام 7,986 بھٹوں کو ZigZag ٹیکنالوجی پر منتقل کر دیاگیا ہے جس سے بھٹوں سےآلودگی میں 60٪ کمی ہوگی

— Usman Buzdar (@UsmanAKBuzdar) May 2, 2021

Usman Buzdar, in his tweet, said that air pollution caused by brick kilns in Punjab, especially around Lahore, was a big problem, and the kilns had to be shut down for 4 months during the winter.

Most areas of Punjab, particularly Lahore, face a substantially adverse impact of the smoke from brick kilns, resulting in increasing complaints of headaches and burning eyes and throats, with the arrival of the winter season every year. The air quality in Punjab has gotten worse over a period of time while also resulting in accidents on the roads due to fog.

The zig-zag technology reduces coal consumption by 20 percent and carbon emissions by 40-60pc while also enhancing the brick production.

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